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Meeting up with an old friend

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London and Friends
It always surprises me how fast time goes. Sitting here behind a desk in Novosibirsk, Siberia, it seems ages since I went by train to London for the day to see my old friend Peter van Niekerk. On his way back to South Africa from the US, Peter was just stopping over to see Carmel, one of his daughters, who lives in London. It was wonderful to just hang out together for the day, catching up on what God has been doing in our lives and our families. As he is deeply involved with many churches in the different countries surrounding S.A, it was a particular delight to share with him my experiences of the month Chris and I spent in Uganda. Seeing that Africa was getting under my spiritual skin, in true Peter style he seized the opportunity and invited us to come with him on a trip to Mozambique and Malawi. Well, that gives me more to pray about! Isn’t friendship a wonderful thing, particularly when it stretches out over many years – a refreshing tonic for the soul!